Monday, April 19, 2010

Mondays are Dark

A week ago, we had a great celebration of South Florida theatre in the 34th Annual Carbonell Awards.  We've linked to most of the stories, but there's one more, from a new blog titled Towards a Holy Theatre.  And now, your Monday reading list:

Rock On reports that The Arsht Center is producing an original piece: Rock Odyssey, a contemporary look at the classic tale by Homer. When I bumped into Christopher Kent at the Carbonell Awards last week, he mentioned that he was working on this project, along with a lot of other local talent.

Quarrel with Avi Hoffman

I know, Avi doesn't seem like an argumentative guy, but Joe Adler's directing, so who knows? Read about the upcoming production of The Quarrel at GableStage, on

Sharing the Stage

Joe Adler at GableStage is well-known for his generosity with his stage; several of the area's smaller theatres have gotten a boost when Joe let them use his stage for a benefit or an early production.  According to, Andrew Kato is opening the doors to the Maltz Jupiter Theatre to help out local organizations in northern Palm Beach County, in a similar fashion.

A View OF the Wings
InCharacter reminds us that what we see on stage is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Fighting for Artistic Integrity
In Agnes of God, the psychiatrist chain-smokes through the first  act.  When her patient questions this foul habit, she replies "It's an obsession.  I will quit when I become obsessed with something else."  By the second act, the ashtrays sit conspicuously unused.  The doctor has become obsessed - with Sister Agnes, and the mysterious circumstances of her pregnancy.

This is but one example of how smoking becomes integral to artistic statements.  Recent laws banning smoking effectively censor some theatre productions, and the Denver Post reports that some companies are taking the fight to court.

Full Circle comes to Stage Door reports that one of the creators of the Tuna series (a series of frenetic comedies where 2 actors perform the dozens of colorful inhabitants of Tuna, Texas) is coming to the Stage Door Theatre to direct Full Circle, a musical he he helped to create.  And that's not the interesting part of the story; the show stars the man it's actually about.

Under the Radar
Here's a review that I'm sliding in here, for a production I otherwise wouldn't have mentioned; it played one night in Miami, without any promotion that I'm aware of.  Kimberly Grant reviews Hair Drama for The South Florida Times. She's a very green reviewer for a news source not known for its arts coverage, but perhaps a little traffic on this story can help change that.

CATS comes back
The Shiny Sheet warns us that CATS is coming back, to the Kravis Center.  Does this song best typify your response?

Speaking of Enthusiasm..

...The Drama Queen offers brief commentary on Menopause: The Musical, which closed Sunday at the Parker Playhouse.  Meanwhile, The Stage Door reports that the show's next stop in Fort Myers has added a performance due to high demand for tickets.

In Remembrance

Over on 1st Draft, Heidi Harris shares her memories of Natalie Stone, a Florida Stage board member and a supporter of the arts.  Ms. Stone is also memorialized in the Palm Beach Daily News, and her family-generated obituary is on

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