Monday, April 5, 2010

Mondays are Dark - UPDATED

Of course, following last week's multitude of theatre stories, everyone took off for spring break.  But we found some nuggets for you.  (UPDATE: added SFGN to the COLOR PURPLE section)

It's Just So Wrong, It's Funny.
The Producer's Perspective brings us a cautionary tale  funny video.

Color Me Purple
The Miami Herald alerts us that The Color Purple returns to South Florida - it opens at the Broward Center on Tuesday.  It sold out at the Arsht earlier this season - don't miss it again! Meanwhile, The Sun-Sentinel interviews one of the creators, Brenda Russell.  Finally, Mary Damiano with talks with Dayna Dantzler, who is playing the lead, Celie.

First Stage aptly named
Hap Erstein tells us how Deborah Zoe Laufer's 'first stage' reading became a hit at the Humana Festival in the Palm Beach Post.
Sirens was featured in the 1st Stage Festival in 2009 at Florida Stage, where audiences embraced it, but Laufer knew that was only a preliminary draft. It still needed a ton of work. I ve been really unhappy with the play up until probably the morning of opening (in Louisville). I rewrote up until that morning, she said.
Art Reflects Life, Reflects...
Over on 1st Draft, Jonathon Wemette reports that their production of Two Jews Walk Into A War, a play based on the true story of the last two Jews in Kabul, Afghanistan, led to a meeting with the very last Jew in Kabul.

Sondheim/Carbonells, and DramaWorks
For no apparent reason, The Drama Queen has rolled these two subjects into one post.  The Sondheim part; Slow Burn Theatre Company opens Assassins, the musical he co-wrote with John Weidman, while Caldwell Theatre is preparing to stage  a concert version of his popular collaboration with James Lapine, Into the Woods.
She reminds us that the Carbonell Awards are a week from Monday - and congratulations are due to Amy London, the organizations new president and executive officer.  Oh, and Dramaworks announced its 2010-2011 season.

Speaking of Sondheim
...or the Caldwell, or Into the Woods - ye gods, the segue has broken loose! - BroadwayWorld gives us the skinny on who's working on the "concert reading" of the May 21-23 production.  Like their Sunday in the Park with George, there's a cornucopia of talent involved.

The New Kids and the M.I.A. Theatre
Well, Robert D. Nation is hardly a kid, but his company, Andrew Arts Studios, is a new player on the scene.  After slipping in a production of The Fantasticks virtually un-noticed by the media, the Fort Lauderdale Theatre Examiner reports that they have now teamed up with Square Peg Productions, which slipped out of sight a couple of years ago, to present Almost Tamed: Tales of Mayhem, Motion, and Malarky.  Stuart Meltzer will direct.

Practical Ideas
Butts In Seats has a refreshing meeting with his development director, and the approach they decide on is one we should all consider.

... the Royal Poinciana Playhouse is still closed.

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