Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Brandon Says 'Good-bye'

Brandon K. Thorp, South Florida's most outspoken - and off-beat - theatre critic is off to The Big Apple.  It's a great move for Brandon, and no surprise to The Scene.  He belongs in a bigger market.

He gifts us with one last article; his round up of the best and worst of South Florida's 2010  season.
From seats in the gloom of South Florida theaters, I've seen and heard extraordinary things. I'm forever grateful to those who enabled my constant attendance over the last four years — the directors, actors, set designers, technicians, and editors.
Best of luck, Brandon.  Although I've often been a harsh critic, I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your offerings these past few years, even the ones that apparently got hacked and gutted by what management erroneously refers to as an "editor."

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