Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's Here!

The newest source for theatre review in Florida as unveiled; Florida Theater On Stage.

We've been looking forward to this all summer, and we're delighted to welcome Bill Hirschman and On Stage to the theatre scene.  In a climate of diminishing arts coverage, there has been a serious need for solid theatre critique and insightful stories about theatre, and no one is better qualified than Bill Hirschman to bring it to us.

Let's be clear; On Stage is not  a blog, it's an online magazine.   Oh, it will include a blog -  Stage Bill, which will be Bill Hirschman's informal space for banter.  But On Stage has other journalists covering the news; Mary Damiano, Michele F. Solomon, and Brad Hathaway.

Now here's the part where I have to speak sternly to those of you who run theatres;  you need to call up ON STAGE right now, and buy some advertising.  No excuses, just do it.  This is a better investment than say, The Sun-Sentinel certain newspapers, because it's got a team of writers who are actually qualified to cover your shows. Better writers means better stories.  AND this is all they'll be covering. That means that more people will be stopping in to ON STAGE to read reviews than The Sun-Sentinel certain news outlets.

Bluntly: if you are a South Florida theater, you owe it to yourselves and the community to advertise with Florida Theater On Stage.

So spread the word; Florida has a new source for theater news.  Go read Florida Theater On Stage.

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