Monday, August 1, 2011

Mondays are Dark- UPDATED.

Whoops!  Forgot to set the article to post, and it's on another computer; so we're re-constituting the reading list during lunch.  We'll either add to this, or post the balance of stuff later this week, a bonus list.

The Other Other Playhouse
We talk about how the Royal Poinciana and Coconut Grove Playhouses are sitting empty, and call them bookends.  But there's a third playhouse that's sitting dark. The Sun-Sentinel reports that there's another attempt to fight the deed restriction on The Hollywood Playhouse.  TransCapital Bank wants to sell to The Purpose Center Family Church, but the deed has a restriction that states the land must be used for a community theater.
"The citizens of this city gave that land to be used as a theater, and we should be honoring that; that's a 60-year commitment," (Commissioner Beam) Furr said. "I don't think it makes sense to be just selling off this cultural institution because the bank's having a hard time selling it."
I know of at least one Broward theatre company looking for a new home; perhaps the City can take back the property and work out a deal with one or more of the companies currently rent space on an ad-hoc basis.

Like This
The Miami Herald talks with the City of Miami Beach and the management of The Stage Door Theatre about the Byron Carlyle Theatre.  Stage Door just opened SUDS: The 60's Musical in the little-used venue as part of their new season.
“This area has never had an active live-performance venue,” Kelley said. “And I really believe that if you give them a quality production with great talent they’ll come
On the Boards
Conundrum Stage gives a peak behind the scenes of its upcoming alternative theatre festival.

Angels in Fort Lauderdale
The Drama Queen reports that Angels In America will be opening next week at Andrews Living Arts Studio.

Joan Crawford Like You've Never Seen Her

BroadwayWorld reports that Mommie Queerest is opening at Empire Stage next week.  It sounds like this is the LA production on tour.

blah blah blah...
TheatreMania reports that Mad Cat Theatre is back; their next production is So My Grandmother Died, Blah Blah Blah.

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