Friday, March 27, 2009

CAGNEY! is the show to see this weekend least, according to the Miami Herald and the Palm Beach Post.

He was a movie tough guy and the quintessential song-and-dance man. Actor Jimmy Cagney and his colorful career are the focus of Cagney!, the world premiere musical opening this weekend at Florida Stage
Creighton is taking a two-month leave from his role as Chef Louis on Broadway in Disney's The Little Mermaid to star in Cagney! But Creighton doesn't mind temporarily leaving the Great White Way. Cagney!, after all, is a project Creighton has been itching to produce for more than 15 years.
Learn more about CAGNEY! at Florida Stage's FurtherMore page. In addition to show notes, there are clips of classic Jimmy Cagney moments from his many films.

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