Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Women's Theatre Project: Naked Women Fully Clothed (2 reviews)

The Women's Theatre Project opened its production of Naked Women Fully Clothed on October 22, 2009.
A titillating, provocative and humorous collection of one act and short plays that reveal and lay bare an array of secrets and revelations. Join us and find out just how much we're willing to expose!
Genie Croft directed a cast that included Lela Elam, Carol Sussman, Sally Bondi, Jacquelin Laggy, Jude Parry, and Alisha Todd.

Nicole Stodard reviewed on DramaDaily:
In Naked Women Fully Clothed, currently running at Sixth Star Studios in Ft. Lauderdale, Women’s Theatre Project offers up a mixed theatrical fare with equally mixed results. With this said and before going into further detail, the audience, myself included, enjoyed many laugh-out-loud moments thanks to especially strong performances by Sally Bondi and Lela Elam, and the show is, indeed, worth seeing before it closes this coming Saturday, November 15th.
She goes into a lot more detail, but this paragraph sums it up for the purposes of the Theatre Scene. Do click through and read the entire review on DramaDaily for a more thorough review of this production.

Christin Dolen reviewed for the Miami Herald:
...Naked Women Fully Clothed does provide some laughs, thanks to its hardworking ensemble: Lela Elam, Sally Bondi, Jacqueline Laggy, Jude Parry, Carol Sussman and Alisha Todd. But it also demonstrates how tough it is to find a qualitatively matched collection of short plays, and that it takes more than performers to turn a joke into real theater.
Some pieces -- Tammy Ryan's Little Red Riding Hood's Mother, or I Am Pastrami and Yvette (both by ``Anonymous''), for example -- go nowhere. Others perfectly suit their performers, as when Elam becomes a born-again chef in Jill Morley's The Baptist Gourmet and Bondi uses her skills as a commercial pitchwoman in the deliciously black comic Dear Tide
...those few sparkling performances are hardly enough reason to sit through more than two hours of 21 short plays about boobs, Barbies and frustrated waitress-actresses.
Naked Women Fully Clothed plays at The Women's Theatre Project through November 15, 2009.

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