Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stage Door Theatre: Cantorial (2 reviews)

Broward Stage Door opened its production of Ira Levin's Cantorial on November 20, 2009.
A young couple hears eerie, hauntingly beautiful Hebrew singing when they move into a new condominium. Unbeknownst to them, their condo is a former synagogue, and is haunted by the ghost of its Cantor...
Michael Leeds directs a cast that includes Danielle Tabino, Todd Bruno, Konstantine Athinos, Glen Lawrence, and Kevin Reilley.

J.W. Arnold reviewed for
There are no poltergeists and few chills or thrills in Cantorial. Instead, there is a singing ghost who is annoying at best to the new residents...
Despite the flaws in a shallow script and some mismanaged expectations, Cantorial—and this Stage Door production, in particular—is an entertaining show.
Under the direction of Michael Leeds, Bruno successfully conveys the heartfelt, if naïve, desire Warren feels to reconcile his roots with the reality of his situation, and Tabino is charming as his exasperated girlfriend.
Kevin Reilley finds himself once again playing the Jewish elder... The largely Jewish audience seemed to approve of his extended Yiddish diatribes with plenty of laughter and audible commentary. Konstantine Afthinos (Quinn) provides some needed comic relief as a cartoonish ghost hunter...
Bill Hirschman reviewed for the Sun-Sentinel:
Broward Stage Door's edition under the direction of Michael Leeds occasionally strafes close to the right recipe, but never nails it.
The performances are serviceable, but the actors never play more than one character note at a time and none are convincing. The couple (Todd Bruno and Danielle Tabino) are never unnerved by the haunting, only put out by the imposition. Their reaction sets the first act solidly in sit-com country. Only Kevin Reilley gets close to the right tone as the aging grocer who once attended services here
Cantorial plays at the Broward Stage Door Theatre through January 3, 2010.

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  1. While Cantorial never ranked as one of Ira Levin's top plays, I found the performance at the Stage Door Theater thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable. First presented at the Jewish Repertory Theater in NYC in 1988, it's strengths and weaknesses remain today. I hope the half full theater was a negative fallout of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and that many fully sold out performances follow.
    The show is entertaining; the cast is credible and the humor and humanity result in a delightful evening that I would recommend to all. One of the better theatrical experiences in South Florida this 2009 season!!