Monday, May 10, 2010

Mondays are Dark -UPDATED & CORRECTED

Must be Spring
The national tour of Spring Awakening opens this week at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, and you can read about in The Miami Herald and The Palm Beach Post. So where's the Sun-Sentinel story?  Well, currently in The Herald or The Post.  In a day or two, we'll find out which one the "editors" at the Sun-Sentinel decide to regurgitate. UPDATE:  Bill Hirschman included Spring Awakening in his monthly Sun-Sentinel article, published last Friday.  Scroll down, it's past the Waldman/Troutman update.  My bad.

It Happened One Summer...
or this summer, actually. and The Drama Queen tell us about the coming summer season at The Caldwell Theatre Company.

Home Ground
The Drama Queen also reports that the nomadic wanderings of Ground Up and Rising have ended; they found a home.  Oh, and they have a new website, too.  At least, it's newer than the MySpace page link that I had.  (Remember MySpace?  Me neither.)

Docu-what, now? reports that Escorts, "the Docu-Musical," is coming back to Rising Action Theatre.

Wiki Wiki Wiki
Joe Adler has a Wikipedia entry.  Not even Arnold Mittelman has managed that.  The only other South Florida artistic director I've found in Wikipedia is Paul Tei, but he's only mentioned in passing for his work on Burn Notice and CSI Miami.

Speaking of Paul Tei
James Cubby, who's reportedly some kind of writer, interviews Paul Tei for  Well, interview is actually too strong a word.  It's actually just a puff piece about Broadsword, and he got some quotes from Paul, none of which are particularly revelatory.

Conundrum Turns Two
Conundrum Stages tells us about their celebration plans.

This is what I've been saying...
From Britain's THE STAGE:
Almost nine out of ten respondents (89%) to our questionnaire believe that critics still play a valuable role in theatre...
Maybe it's a British thing.  Dammit.

South Florida at the Tony Awards
CORRECTION: Steve Rothaus posted Christine Dolen's Miami Herald story reporting that two South Floridians are nominated for awards this year.  You see, Christine wrote the story, but Steve put it up on his blog.  I don't get that; why isn't it on her own blog?

Noel Coward in Palm Beach
The Palm Beach Daily News reports that Palm Beach Dramaworks next Master Playwright Series installment on Noel Coward will included a staged reading of the play that the British playwright was working on when he died.  And it will be the first in the series to include music:
“We had to include songs,” said board chairman and program host Mark Perlberg. “This is Noel Coward.”
Well, of course.  Everyone knows that.

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