Monday, June 21, 2010

Mondays are Dark

City Theatre Goes (to) Camp
City Theatre is producing its first full-length play, a musical commissioned from Lisa Loeb, with a book by Marco Ramirez.  Christine Dolen spoke with the creative team for the Miami Herald.
"I've always wanted to write a musical,'' says Loeb, who was once in a band with fellow Brown University student and Spring Awakening composer Duncan Shiek.
Lemonade, anyone?
Drama Daily dissects a recent review of the play she directed, MilkMilkLemonade.
His review provided little in the way of useful feedback about the show and was so general in nature so as to suggest that Day may not have researched let alone read or understood the play.
By the way, this is not sour grapes on her part; like too many reviews published in South Florida, the review in question fails to stand up as a proper critique and instead is just one more unsupported opinion in a universe of subjectivity.  The purpose of a review isn't simply to tell us if the play was "good" or not; it's supposed to let us know how the pieces were put together, and give us an analysis of where it went wrong - and where it went right.

Scheer Honesty
The Playground reviews Undershorts, and echoes the question all the critics have been asking.
...even though this bill was more enjoyable I'm still left wondering, this was the best out of +1,000 entries? First question, who is writing these plays? Or probably the more accurate question, who is reading and selecting them?!
I'm reminded of Alec Baldwin, talking about The Shadow on Fresh Air a few years ago, and how it was lambasted as a failure.
"It's the nature of the business - most things fail.  Thousands of movies end up in the can, never seen.  Failure is the norm.  It's success that's remarkable.  It's amazing that anything ever succeeds, really."
OK, So Now What?
Butts in Seats talks about a Minnesota Playlist Article that basically reports that theatres who do surveys often don't know what to do with the results.

Odd's 'n' Ends

You can decide which is what, but here's a bunch of tidbits bundled by The Miami HeraldTwo local playwrights looking for sponsors to fund their debut at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the lesbian playfest Girl Play is coming up,  and some college projects onstage for the summer.

Girl Play
The Fort Lauderdale Theatre Examiner tells us a little more about the Second Annual Lesbian Play Reading Festival, produced by The Women's Theatre Project in association with The Pride Center at Equality Park.

Speaking of Festivals
The Miami Theatre Examiner tells us about Prometeo Theatre's offering for the XXV International Hispanic Theatre Festival.

The Revolution Unwound
Hap Erstein in the Palm Beach Post notes that HAIR isn't the shocking anti-establishment piece it once was.

Dead Men Walking - and Dancing and Singing tell us that Promethean Theatre, which had summer hit last year with CANNIBAL! - The Musical, is offering yet another tasteful summer treat; Evil Dead - The Musical.  Demons and Zombies and Ghouls; oh my!

The Royal Poinciana Playhouse is still closed.

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