Monday, June 28, 2010

Mondays are Dark

Before we get to the reading list, you should know that you can wind up June with The State Theatre Project at Flavor in Coconut Grove. Alexis  over at The Playground has the skinny on their latest project, Beer & Cigarettes.  (And David - set up a website so I can include you in the theatre roster!)

Here's your somewhat light but still interesting Monday reading list:

Movin' On
The Palm Beach Daily News talks with staffers at Florida Stage, which has now moved out of their Manalapan space and into the Kravis Center.

Don't Make Me Pull Over reports that Are We There Yet is almost at Actors' Playhouse.

Some 'Splainin  Gets Done
Lucie Arnaz talks with about Babalu, coming next week to the Arsht Center.

..In Miami, the Coconut Grove Playhouse is still closed.
The Coconut Grove Playhouse was hit with a bunch of code violations by the City on Tuesday; could this finally be a good sign? Will the current board have to make a move now to do something? Palm Beach, the Royal Poinciana Playhouse is still closed.
The town will ask a judge to rule on the constitutionality of a (second) referendum that would require voter approval before certain landmarked buildings could be demolished.
Palm Beach Circuit Judge David Crow ruled the first referendum was unconstitutional because the 1979 agreement constituted a development order governing a site with fewer than five parcels. The judge’s decision is being appealed before Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal.

Flynn urged the council today not to send the second referendum to the courts. “Nearly 1,000 voters have asked you again to put a landmarks measure on the ballot,” he said. “We’re exercising our right under the constitution.”
I hate to state the obvious, but the owners of the Playhouse have rights, too.  Flynn's insistence that we ignore the Constitution because it doesn't facilitate his desires is disappointing. 

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