Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sightings: Brandon Morris

South Florida actor Brandon Morris can be found in Ithaca, New York, through next week.  He's hitting it out of the park in Frankie and Johnny in the Claire de Lune at The Kitchen Theatre Company.

From the review in the Ithaca Journal:
The level of commitment from these actors is astonishing: Both give complex, nuanced performances breathtaking in their authenticity. Morris’s Johnny is a genuinely nice guy who reads Shakespeare in his spare time — “too good to be believed,” he assures her. He’s also physically hyper and impossibly romantic; a nonstop talker, he’d drive any woman nuts with his invasiveness. Yet Morris makes him as lovable as an enthusiastic Labrador retriever.
If you find yourself up that way, be sure to check it out.  And congratulations to Brandon.

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