Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Off Stage Conversations Returns

Hello, this is Andie Arthur, Executive Director of the South Florida Theatre League and I'm back with Off Stage Conversations, where I take a look at interesting blog posts and discussions from the national and international theatre community. It's been a two month hiatus, given the complications of Summer Theatre Fest, so I have quite a few articles to share.

Happy New Fiscal Year

As an organization, look at creating new fiscal year resolutions the way you create personal new years resolutions. Some suggestions are provided -- I particularly like asking "When was the last time you made an effort to fall in love with your audience?"

Should the United States have a Secretary of Culture?

The Atlantic takes a look at the idea.

Artists in the Office

We often have very stark lines between artists and administrators in arts organizations. And often times, when you already have an artist in an administrative position, they aren't allowed to act as an artist. James Carter asks why.

Agent of Change

If you are going to do anything of lasting value to impact human beings with your work, you have to know what your business is. Just because your job is in the theatre, doesn’t automatically mean you get to be an agent of change.
Why Comparing Your Organization to Other Organizations Might Not Be a Great Idea

We're in a business that loves case studies. Colleen Dilenschneider offers insight on why information overload may not be the best idea.

Marketing Ideas and Statistics

- Jeff Fromm has a piece on Branding and Millennials and why some of your misconceptions may not be helping you.
- Data on why having mobile friendly email blasts is important.
- What has a higher ROI -- advertising in the New York Times or on Facebook?
- The Future of Group Sales? Center Theatre Group creates a facebook app to coordinate theatre going.
- Expired Trends That Will Date Your Website

Fundraising Ideas

- Spend More Time Away from Your Desk
- Making the Second Ask -

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