Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey guys! I am blogging from Minneapolis, Minnesota from our cool hotel room the day before the kick off of Minnesota Fringe. The six of us here (Margaret Ledford, Belkys Cordero, Juan Sanchez, Mat Chapman, Andy Quiroga and ME!) are in varied states of tired and excited as well as home sick (two of us are first time parents leaving our kiddos for the first time ever) but thrilled to be representing South Florida at Fringe. We teched yesterday morning at the Bryant Lake Bowl (BLB) a cool bar/bowling alley/theatre...CAN YOU IMAGINE? It is a funky 85 seat venue that is expected to be packed for the shows it is hosting. This is great news for us since we are out-of-towners and are having fun infiltrating the theatres and bars with postcards for RED TIDE. We are hoping for the best in attendance. According to Kristen Van Loon Artistic Director of the BLB being from out-of-town at fringe is SEXY! So people tend to be super curious about work from elsewhere. We have been lucky enough to secure the FIRST PERFORMANCE SLOT of the opening night at the BLB which is hosting all 75-minute shows. Minneapolis is amazing and the people here LOVE theatre and have been gracious and kind. Our amazing BLB tech Ursula even sent me an e-mail highlighting all the places we should check out to eat and drink (she used to be a wine rep!). We will be keeping you posted via this blog and hopefully you will hear from each person that is here with us...that way you get a different perspective about what is happening here. Keep checking the blog...there is TONS more to come. THANKS SOUTH FLORIDA FOR ALL OF YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT. Hoping to rock it in MN...deborah :)


  1. Thanks for sharing on the blog! Look forward to the next installment.

  2. Awesome! enjoy yourselves and kick some butt. Great slot opening night. Break a leg.