Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sightings: Ken Clement

Local actor Ken Clement appears on the July 31st episode of BURN NOTICE on USA Network. The episode is titled COMRADES.

There is no truth to the rumor that Ken plied me with expensive single-malt to get this posted; truth to tell, it was a cheap but smooth blend, and he didn't so much ply me as grumble "there's scotch, there's the ice. What am I, a waiter?"

I asked Ken about working on the episode. How did it go?
"Are you kidding? I got to spend the day with BRISCO COUNTY!"

I should note that Ken and I are fans of Campbell, and have had the occasional Bruce Campbell film festival. Well, actually, we got real drunk while watching BUBBA HOTEP. But a good time was had!

BURN NOTICE airs tomorrow night at 10:00pm eastern time. The show is the best thing to happen to South Florida since MIAMI VICE. Shot on location, you'll see many local actors filling out the cast; in fact, I've already plugged Paul Tei on this show in the past: Ken was a founding member of Tei's Madcat Theatre Company.

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