Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Welcome to a new contributor!

By now, you may have read Kevin Johnson's introductory post. He's a welcome addition to the South Florida Theatre Scene; both here in the blogosphere and out in the world. He's been active in the theatre scene for several years, developing an audience for his company, Conundrum Stages. He's ventured as far north as deepest darkest Wellington, in Palm Beach County, to Miami Beach, where his current project will be playing.

He started his own blog for his company. You will find a feed in the sidebar, just below Christine Dolen's blog.

I'm glad that Kevin has decided to join this blog, too, and I hope others will follow his example. I can tell you that creating new content on a regular basis is harder than you would think, and it's updating the blog that brings people back to see what's new. I think that Kevin will find a lot of traffic coming from the Scene, and I imagine we'll see some traffic the other way, too.

He's already got TWO articles in, and it's just his first day!

Break a leg, Kevin, both here and at St. John's.

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