Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yes, They Can....and so Will I

The Take Heed Theater Company has just finished their Page to Stage series with William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (the third reading of Midsummer in a span of two months from two other companies; one in each county, but I digress) at the Cuillo Centre for the Arts in West Palm Beach.

When I started my reading series, I thought never to tackle Shakespeare. I was under the impression that one does Shakespeare as opposed to reading.

But when three companies do a reading of the most fantastic comedy of modern era, something tells you to take heed (pardon the pun).

This was a collabo between Take Heed and another group based in WPB called Rude Mechanical (yeah, yeah, I know) Productions, teachers out of G-Star School of the Arts. The plan is to take this reading from workshop to prodction. One production will be in December at the RMP base in G-Star and February 2009, they will spread magic and madness down to Boca Raton and their Willow Theatre. Dave Hyland, founder and artistic director of Take Heed, joked about taking this from the "Cuillo to the Willow."

The Mechanicals (Jeffrey & Ivelyn Bower, Niki Fridh, Matt Stabile and Robert Olson) read different parts while using flash cards to let the audience know who they were at that time, which is a pretty neat trick.

They also had video cameras (G-Star is also a school for film and television) there to overlook the entire process which RMP plans to put up as a doc.

Yours truly put two cents saying now that I know that Shakespeare can be read. I plan on doing it, too.

Just not Midsummer, that market looks to be cornered for right now.

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