Friday, May 29, 2009

Consensus Required.

I'm putting up a new poll, for this weekend. I need all Theatre Scene readers to weigh in on this one.

As you know, a couple of weeks ago, the Herald reprinted some Sentinel reviews while their critic was out of town. When Christine returned from her NYC excursion, she announced that she still planned " to catch up with the shows," but didn't actually state that we'd be seeing a full review in the Herald by the Herald's own critic.

In yesterday's Drama Queen, Christine plugged two of those shows.

The Dumb Show:
At Davie's Promethean Theatre, Gregg Weiner, Deborah L. Sherman and David Sirois are doing a deft job of eviscerating both reckless, self-adoring celebrities and tabloid "journalists."
And Havana Bourgeois:
Under David Arisco's sure direction, James Puig, Jossie Harris Thacker, Jennifer De Castroverde, Oscar Cheda, David Perez Ribada, Joshua David Robinson and Francisco "Pancho" Padura play achievers and strivers, most of whom don't fully grasp the elusive truth until their dreams -- or their lives -- have crumbled. Particularly for those who lived this and left Cuba (and for the people who love them), Havana Bourgeois becomes an intense, emotional theater experience.
The question is, do you, the readers of the Theatre Scene, feel that the coverage in the blog entry should constitute a play review?
Should we count Christine Dolen's blog entry "Don't Miss Plays" as reviews of two shows?
[] Yes, she does discuss the qualities of the productions, so it is a review.
[] It's all right this one time, but I still think we deserve dedicated reviews for each play.
[] Hell, no! We deserve a proper review by the paper's own voice, not a re-print followed up by a beefed-up "critic's pick."
[] Maybe... if I can use this as an elaborate excuse allowing me to copy the answers from the student sitting next to me... because I'd have been a totally straight "A" student if we'd been allowed to do this.

If the blog post counts as a review, I will update the posts with the show's reviews to remove the note that the Herald declined covering the shows, and link to the blog post as I would any review.

If it's NOT a review, the relevant posts will remain unchanged.

If we're OK with it "this once," I'll amend the note at the top to read "The Herald didn't really review the show, but Christine did mention them in her blog," with the appropriate links.

I'm closing this poll midnight on Sunday, so please vote soon! And of course, comments on this post will be welcome.

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