Monday, May 4, 2009

Mondays are Dark #4

The Arsht Center; over one million patrons served, according to BroadwayWorld.
On April 20, Ms. LaRenn was introduced to the community during a special luncheon to announce the upcoming RRA Broadway Across America series. Mr. Richard presented Ms. LaRenn with an oversized ticket commemorating her as the Center's one-millionth guest.
The Drama Queen reports that City Theatre has streamlined its Summer Shorts for 2009. more "A" and "B" programs; instead, one program of eight "Signature Shorts," and another eight pushing-the-envelope plays in the late-night "Undershorts" bill. The "Shorts 4 Kids!" program also has eight elements, including a pair of mini-musicals (aka songs) by Lisa Loeb and Cyndi Lauper.
Mini-musicals by Loeb and Lauper? I want to hear more about these!

WSVN gives a rare nod to live theatre, with a blurb about Playground Theatre's Inanna and the Huluppu Tree.

Bill Hirschman did his own roundup in Friday's Sun-Sentinel: he tells us about The NewVista Variety Hour (and a 1/2), the Promethean Theatre's upcoming Dumb Show, the 6th Annual Cappie Awards, City Theater's Summer Shorts, and the Arsh Center's Broadway Tour offerings for 2009-2010.

The Alliance Theatre is offereing a glimpse at its next production of Strange Snow:
A glass of white wine. Italian-made furniture with an artistic flair. The cool lights of the garden of an art gallery. A couple hundred young, hip art lovers. And two of the finest actors in south Florida providing you, absolutely gratis, with a few scenes from the Alliance's upcoming production of "Strange Snow" by Stephen Metcalfe.
The Big Voice is coming to Broward Stage Door.

The Palm Beach ArtsPaper talks with Mike Daisey about what's wrong with theatre in America:
...theatrical MFA programs ...exist to train actors who can never possibly repay the loans they incur as they train. That is not ethically responsible or defensible...
This is just his starting point: this one's worth reading. And I'm going to do an more detailed analysis of it later this week; it really deserves thoughtful consideration. Just remember, he's not attacking theatre, he's describing what he sees.

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