Friday, May 29, 2009

Theatre Scene reader Wins Free Tickets!

Well, not from me. But Alexis Scheer read about uVu's Summer Shorts Contest on this week's Mondays Are Dark column, and followed through - and won!

Alexis is more than just a Theatre Scene reader, she's used her Google account to Follow the South Florida Theatre Scene. It's a way of showing support for the Theatre Scene. It also allowed me to see that she has her own blog, Lex's Playground. She details the shows she's scene, and the ones she's working on, which includes appearances at my old stomping ground, Actors' Playhouse. (And yes, I do remember you, Alexis!)

So congratulations on winning the tickets, and welcome to the Theatre Scene!


  1. Thanks for the plug!
    I saw Undershorts last night with those tickets, I'll review it on my blog today.
    Oh, and my last name is spelled Scheer. :)

  2. Whoops! Spelling has been corrected.