Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Promos

There's just so many promotional articles, I feel that I'd be remiss in not pointing them out to you.

Summer Shorts! Summer Shorts!  Summer Shorts!

Hmm..stories about Summer Shorts always seem to occur in threes...

The Herald
The numbers are always impressive: More than 1,200 scripts are considered, though this year just 23 will wind up onstage, including plays by Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and Christopher Durang; musical pieces by Cyndi Lauper, Michael John LaChiusa and Lisa Loeb; and works by South Florida-based playwrights Michael McKeever, Marco Ramirez, Andrew Rosendorf and Christopher Demos-Brown.
Broadway World:
A rocking new Shorts 4 Kids line-up for families with tunes penned by Grammy Award Winner Cyndi Lauper and breakout artist Lisa Loeb ("Stay: I Missed You") along with a mix of fast and funny plays for families and a new "Create-a-Short" Contest featuring the work of young artists; the company's naughty, bawdy late night undershorts Series featuring sinful comedies by the nation's hottest talents...
Palm Beach ArtsPaper:
Carbonell Award-winning actor Gordon McConnell of Lake Worth likes a juicy role to sink his teeth into, but -- as the clich√© goes -- “what he really wants to do is direct.”

“I’m trying to branch out a little bit,” he says by cellphone, on his way to Miami for rehearsals of this year’s Summer Shorts. “I love theater, but I’d like to direct for the theater rather than act in it.”
Personal note; I've been in a show that Gordon both directed AND appeared in.  He hadn't planned it that way, but we had an actor drop out, and since he already knew the play...

Critic's Picks:
Strange Snow at the Alliance, In a Dark House at Mosaic,

The Post's Oddly Scattered Choices
The Palm Beach Post's Theatre News article mostly confines itself to the limits of Palm Beach County these days; no surprise to see Yankee Tavern and At Home at the Zoo, they also plug a community theatre production of The Underpants, and Stuart Little, a kids' show at a theatre I'm unfamiliar with.  The odd thing is they completely skip over Broward County and select exactly ONE show in Miami-Dade county: the national tour of Chicago at the Arsht Center, the one show playing in Miami that has no ties to South Florida. It's further proof that the Post's entertainement section has no pulse.

Christine's Contentious Chronicle

Actually, the only thing in contention is whether or not I count the two paragraphs as "reviews."  But her blog entry mentions the three productions opening this weekend (including the three parts of Summer Shorts), as well as plugging The Dumb Show (final weekend) and Havana Bourgeois (this week and next).

If you haven't voted yet, you only have until Midnight on Sunday to help me decide if this should count as a review of those two shows or not. The poll is up and to the right; just one click and you're done!

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