Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Teatro Ocho: El Inconveiente (review)

Teatro Ocho opened Juan Carlos Rubio's spanish-language comedy El Inconveniente on May 15, 2009.

Marcos Cassanova directed a cast that includes Grettel Trujillo, Daisy Fontao, and Lyduan González.

Mea Leonin reviewed for the Miami Herald:
As Shakespeare's fool, Feste jokes in Twelfth Night, ''Present mirth hath present laughter/What's to come is still unsure,'' so turns the wheel of comedy: wit propels the unsuspecting public toward surprising twists of plot. In Juan Carlos Rubio's contemporary Spanish-language comedy El Inconveniente (An Inconvenience), these elements combine to make for lively and, at times, poignant theater.
The undisputed highlight of El Inconveniente is the chemistry between Trujillo and Fontao. Surprisingly, this is the first time these experienced actresses share the stage. Under Marcos Casanova's steady direction, their timing is impeccable and the camaraderie palpable.
El Inconveniente plays at Little Havana's Teatro Ocho through June 21.

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