Monday, October 12, 2009

The All New SouthFloridaTheatre.Com

The Theatre League of South Florida has been re-inventing itself, becoming "South Florida Theatre Dot Com." I gather that's to make finding their website easier to remember. They actually moved everything from the old Theatre League website a few years ago.

But the old was a little stodgy, and it was hard to navigate.

Well, that was then. Today, the all new and improved went live:

It's clean and slick. And EVERY PAGE now has navigation to find shows:

One minor nitpick; if you want to see ALL plays, the interface should let you know that you can simply click "go" to see the complete list of what's playing. It DOES it, but if you don't know that, well, it could be frustrating. But that's a minor fix; overall, the website is gorgeous. The designers did a magnificent job.

As always, you can find it in the upper left hand corner of the Theatre Scene.

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