Monday, October 5, 2009

Casting Cliques and Acting Stables

Following up on last week's comments, where a young actor chided us for expecting funding when local directors exclude brilliant but completely unknown talent for known quantities, Jan Sjostrom of the Palm Beach Daily News talks to some Palm Beach directors about their casting process.
Director after director emphasized that cooperativeness and a good work ethic are as important as talent in casting a successful production. When they've worked happily with a performer before, they know what they're getting, whereas a newcomer might be a time bomb, they said.
"Some people are excellent at auditioning," said Bill Castellino, co-creator and director of last season's Some Kind of Wonderful and the upcoming Dr. Radio at Florida Stage. "But that's their best moment, including the performance."
So yes, it's a tough business to break into. Anyone who told you different, lied.

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