Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More on GableStage and the Coconut Grove

So far, there's been a lot more buzz about Florida Stage's move to the Kravis Center, due in no small part to the fact that it's moving into an existing space at a specific date.  But there's still plenty of talk going around about GableStage's announced move to the Coconut Grove Playhouse.

The most significant buzz is at the Coconut Grove Grapevine.  The article doesn't tell us anything new, but the comments indicate that Grove residents will probably support the move, even though it means the old Grove Theatre will be reduced to a mere facade:
That's the best News I have heard in a long time.
well this is certainly the best news I've heard coming out of this neighborhood in a while.
The return of theater to the Grove will be of great benefit in bringing more people to our village and will help shop owners and restaurants survive these most challenging economic times. Bravo and a Standing Ovation!
It's a major step in the right direction.
The Miami Herald links the two stories, but still gives us some more insight into the move.
"A theater like ours can't stand still,'' says Joseph Adler, now in his 12th season as GableStage's producing artistic director. "The Biltmore has truly been a great supporter of the arts, but it has always said being there wasn't going to be forever. . . . We have to have a permanent home and be able to grow.''
Adler also reports that the company won't be moving anytime before 2012.  And while programming will have the same flavor as it does now, the new space will support larger-cast productions, including musicals.  And just as he has done at GableStage, he will continue to support South Florida talent.
"If we don't have 10 more new theaters in South Florida within five years of moving into the Playhouse, I'll be disappointed.''
Exactly what the Coconut Grove Playhouse should be.


  1. It's really great to hear such great news about local theatre. Especially in these impossible economic times.

    The smaller companies are always trying to shake things up and move up in the world, but it's really great to see that two of the regions big guns are taking such bold steps forward. I've been praising the Caldwell for their bold moves for the past few months. I add GableStage and Florida Stage to that lists.

    Perfect examples of the leaders in this community guiding us toward a brighter future.

  2. Theoretically, if they move into larger spaces, the smaller spaces they leave behind become available. Although I think the Manalapan space will price itself out of the market, and the Biltmore will probably be glad to get their store room back.