Monday, March 5, 2012

Mondays are Dark

It's a beautiful Monday morning; a break in the weather brings the temperatures down to a comfortable 73 degrees as we finalize your Monday reading list.  Grab a hot beverage and enjoy!

Yin and Yang
The Palm Beach ArtsPaper reports that the Caldwell Theatre Company is not closing, despite its debt: 
“We are not folding. We are not going anywhere,” stresses Cholerton. “We as a board have never discussed Chapter 7 bankruptcy,”
Unfortunately, according to Florida Theatre On Stage, the Promethean Theatre Company is closing, despite its not having a debt: Deborah L. Sherman makes a distinction. The eight-year-old theater in Davie is closing in the black, before it owes a dime, and, most important to her, while the quality of its productions allows her colleagues to hold up their heads with pride.
Promethean is staging one last play; the Florida premiere of The Unseen, by Craig Wright.  Margaret Ledford will direct Alex Alvarez, Antonio Amadeo, and Andrew Wind. Hmmm, a triple-A cast.  If you have not seen a show at Promethean, you owe it to yourself to see this final play; their work has always been exemplary.

Speaking of Fundraising...
Mosaic Theater still has a few tickets left for its big fundraiser this weekend, and lists a few of the choice items they'll be auctioning off.

Speaking of Mosaic Theatre...
TheatreMania reminds us that Mosaic Theatre's production of Death and the Maiden opens this week.

Can't decide?
If you can't choose among all the productions playing in South Florida, The Examiner has Theatre Chat's list of "top shows."

Bold Choice
All the critics are raving about Billy Elliot (we don't count fashion editors), and in particular J.P. Viernes, who danced the title role to great acclaim on press night.  Florida Theater On Stage talks with the 15 year old performer.

Twenty Five Years
Palm Beach ArtsPaper offers a retrospective on the Watson B. Duncan III Theater, which was one of the better venues when it opened.  The space now called "Theater West" was known as "the LITTLE Duncan" back then, and it was the first home to the company that became Florida Stage, the old Theatre Club of the Palm Beaches.  The Palm Beach Shakespeare also launched from the Duncan.

All They Need is Burt
TheatreMania has the cast announcement for the Maltz Jupiter Theatre's production of Hello Dolly!. We haven't seen that much Broadway talent on a local stage since 1989's Dangerous Music at the old Burt Reynolds' Jupiter Theatre.  Which, not coincidentally, is the same venue.

Mourning Our Own Monkee
By now, you must know that Davy Jones has passed on.  The New York Times notes that he had homes in Beaverton, PA, and Hollywood, FL.  And he's performed in plays here in South Florida, as we see in this old Sun-Sentinel article by Mary Damiano.

Over There
Playbill announces that Chaplin, a musical that won a Carbonell Award for Best New Work in 1993, will be premiering in London.  Wayne LeGette was nominated for his portrayal in this Miami Shores Performing Arts Theatre production. (Hat tip to Tony Finstrom for pointing out the story).

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  1. Thanks for mentioning this Chris... I am very proud Chaplin still has a life. And in its appropriate setting, London. :)