Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hello everyone. It's Andie Arthur, Executive Director of the South Florida Theatre League and Artistic Director of Lost Girls Theatre, with the weekly installment of Off Stage Conversations. Each week, I look at some of the interesting articles and conversations happening in the national and international theate community.

Unnecessary Arrogance

Matt Lehrman calls out the arrogance of the CEO of the local symphony, who believes that only the largest arts organizations deserve funding. Lehrman states that only funding major organizations "reinforces antiquated and counter-productive stereotypes of arts & cultural elitism."

Definition of Success and Playwright Residencies

David Dower takes a look at how to define a successful playwright residency program, in light of some of the criticism of Arena Stage's residency program. Is production the only meaningful definition of success?

More On Defining Success

Diane Ragsdale looks at the question of defining success on a larger level.

7 Seasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better

Woolly Mammoth's Artistic Director Howard Shalwitz's 7 Reasons Why Theatre Makes Our Lives Better. Sometimes its good to sit back and remember why we all started doing this in the first place.

Too Many Dead Women on Stage?

Marissa Wolf takes a look at how many dead female characters are in the theatrical cannon and how that's problematic.

Past the Fiscal Cliff

TCG breaks down what the fiscal cliff deal means for non-profits.

Arts Radio?

Pia Cotton writes about a desire for talk radio for the arts for the Wall Street Journal.

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