Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Off Stage Conversations

Happy New Year Everyone!

I'm Andie Arthur, Executive Director of the South Florida Theatre League, and I'm back with Off Stage Conversations, where I take a look of articles and blog posts of interest for our field.

Tony Kushner on Theatre

This short video features Tony Kushner talking about how the limitations of theatre are also its strengths.

Do I Extend?

Chad Bauman (of Arena Stage in DC) writes about the decision making process of if and when to extend a hit show.

A Look At Regional Theatre in England

The Guardian has a brief overview of regional theatre in England and how perception of it is changing. While there are differences in the American and British theatrical ecosystems, it's an interesting piece to read in contrast to Scott Walter's The Walmarting of American Theatre.

We Are Not Done Talking About Diversity

Ming-Zhu Hii discusses why theatre is not done talking about diversity. She asks about what real change would look like and thinks about ways to get there.

Diversity and gender parity are issues that effect everyone in our field -- not just people of color and women. I said this when I started writing for the Scene, not only is it an issue of justice, it's an issue of audience development. Our stages need to reflect our community in order for theatre to survive here in the long run.

The Year of Reality Based Arts Marketing

"Rather than filling season brochures with self-congratulatory information about the events, artists and institutions, reality-based marketers will devote a reasonable portion of their promotional real estate to the audience and to demonstrating how the products they’re selling will make them happy."

The rest of Trevor O'Donnell's post is in a similar vein, urging all arts organizations to market in a data driven, reality based way. I hope 2013 IS the year of reality based marketing.


Mariah MacCarthy's blog post is from last year, but it's a great reflection on how we as arts practitioners can start off the new year living more generously.

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