Sunday, March 3, 2013

Mondays are Dark

Well, this week's dark theater is also this week's first article.  The Coconut Grove Grapevine reports that architect Richard Heisenbottle presented his plans for the Coconut Grove Playhouse to the Dade Heritage Trust. The theater has been dark since 2004; shown is an artist's concept of the renovated hall.

No mention of which theatre professionals, if any, were consulted. The future is dim if they don't take the project away from architects and put it under the control of an actual theater company.

Speaking of Renovations
The Maltz Jupiter Theatre is celebrating its tenth anniversary, and announces plans to upgrade their venue.  Florida Theater On Stage reports that they will be adding 62 seats, while Palm Beach ArtsPaper spends more time talking about the gala fundraiser the company held last week.  The company opens Thoroughly Modern Millie next week, and you can get a sneak peak via this video.

From Broadway to South Florida
When the Actors' Playhouse production of In The Heights opens at The Miracle Theater next week, it will be the result of a stunning mix of talent drawn from the Broadway production, the National Tour, and from our local theatre community.  They've been profiling their cast and creative team on their Facebook Page, and The Examiner runs through them all for us.

From Hollywood to Broadway
The Miami Herald reports that Bob Fosse always thought Flashdance would work on Broadway.  And now the National Tour of the stage version is stopping at the Broward Center for two weeks on a tour that's Broadway Bound.

From Miami Lakes to Miami
The Miami New Times fills us in on Brothers Beckett, the Alliance Theatre Lab production that is being revived at the Arsht Center next week.
To suggest that this remounting is a big deal for the small company is
an understatement: With the apparatus of a large performing arts center
behind it, Alliance is working with publicists and full dressing rooms
for the first time, and it estimates the number of presale tickets alone
for this Brothers Beckett have already outnumbered the entirety of its 2011 ticket sales.
Ah, Shut Up-A You Face
Parabasis wants the British press to stop pretending it knows anything about American theater.
"Looking at these errors, many of which are easily caught with a cursory
google search, I'm left noticing that there's a bit of a pattern here.
With the exception of #5, each one goes towards reinforcing this idea
that American Theatre is a fundamentally conservative beast where timid
audiences (And artistic directors) don't want to program work that talks
about the hard truths, unlike their brave, stalwart contemporaries
across the pond."
Actors' Tax Facts
The Minnesota Playlist reviews the top five mistakes actors make when filing their taxes.

Marketing Do's and Don'ts
Mission Paradox has some advice for your marketing and development team.

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