Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Off Stage Conversations

Hello Everyone, I'm Andie Arthur, executive director of the South Florida Theatre League, and I'm here with Off Stage Conversations, where I take a look at items of interest and discussions going on in the national and international theatre scene.

Time Sensitive Cool Stuff

Tomorrow March 14 at 5PM, NewPlay TV will be hosting Watch Me Work, where you can watch Suzan-Lori Parks work on a new play in the Public Theatre lobby via livestream.

And if you're on twitter, tomorrow's weekly Howl or HowlRound/#newplay discussion is on black theatre in the 21st century. Just jump on twitter March 14 at 2PM EST and check out the hashtag #newplay to join the discussion.

Video Game Shakespeare

The Statford Festival in Ontario is developing a video game to draw audiences. Players will find themselves staging a virtual scene from Romeo and Juliet, being able to change lights, costumes, and sound to create their own version.

The Importance of Being Mobile

Nicole Wallace writes on why non-profit's websites need to be able to be mobile phone friendly.

Social Media Campaigns

The Stage talks about successful social media campaigns and that the most vital cost involved is time.

Why Do We Distance Ourselves from Community Theatre and Entertainment?

Pete Miller continues his marketing series for 2amtheatre by asking if the way non-profit, professional theatres distance themselves from community theatre and being considered "mere entertainment" actually helping us build audiences?

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