Monday, June 29, 2009

Aisle Say: the live blog attempt.

I live-blogged today's Aisle Say over on Facebook; an experiment to see if people would join in on a social network. Like my last live-blogging attempt, it was a spur-of-the-moment deal. I hadn't intended on doing it until it occurred to me that I could.

For those of you who don't know what "live blogging" is, it's simply making comments online during an event, in real-time. So I made these comments on Facebook Theatre Scene while the broadcast was going on. Ideally, it should be inter-active, so people off-site can post and ask questions, and influence the live-blog.

So here's the live blog stream from Facebook; no time stamps because as it turns out, Facebook drops the actual timestamp and replaces an accurate time with labels like "four hours ago."

Post #1
Let's liveblog the show!! Add your comments to this topic.

Post #2
Despite the Caldwell's financial strain, they had to move into the new space because the developer was moving ahead with demo of the old space.

Post #3
Caldwell Tony Winners:
Len Cariou
Julie Harris
Joe Masterall
Charles Nelson Reilly.

Post #4
Bill Reviews the M Ensemble show "I Just Stopped By to See The Man" and agreed with Christine Dolen.
(dolen's review:

Post #5
Bill knocks the director John Pryor for not having a firmer hand. Notes that while there are usually a few worthwhile performances in their shows, they are almost always overwhelmed with mediocre actors.

Post #6
Clive's not planning to direct shows he acts in - if he acts in anything.

Post #7
Hap re-caps his ArtsPaper review of FAU's Twelfth Night. But the Public Theatre production with Raul Esparza is probably the one to go see.

Post #8
Hap found a disparity between the Press Release's version of the staging concept and the actual staging concept. Why did they say it was "1920's Hollywood" if they weren't going to reference it in any way?

Hap liked Bruce Linser.

Post #9
Heads up! Bill and Hap will be doing a show about producing Shakespeare in South Florida. Guests to include Kevin Crawford and Ricky Martinez.

Post #10
Bill: if you can't do Shakespeare well, should they do it at all? Does a bad production of Shakespeare poison the well for other companies later on?

Post #11
Hap is talking about New Vista's debt. He recalls that the old Jupiter Theatre and the Royal Palm Dinner Theater got caught short the same way.

Bill points out that Avi needs an angel to save the theatre, because fundraisers at $20 a head won't do it.

Post #12
Trivia results from last week: I can't type that fast. Sorry.

Post #13
Bill's trivia:
Stephen Sondheim wrote scripts for a non musical TV series: what was it? No cheating by using Google searches!

Post #14
Hap remembers Lois Baumel, theatre critic.

Post #15
They run down the openings, as found on You'll find the list on this week's The Scene.

End of broadcast.

I probably will not live-blog next week, because I will be at work. But I'll post a reminder of the broadcast, and feel free to leave comments to it while listening to Aisle Say.

And let me know if this is something you're interested in. It's a lot of work, and I'll sit back with an Iced Tea if this isn't something people want to see.


  1. You have my vote to blog it. For ones who are internet challenged, it's nice that someone can keep up with this.

  2. I thought that was really cool, sir. I did like the bit of theater-snobbery promoting the Public Theatre production of Twelfth Night being with Raul Esparza. I would think the more noteworthy performer (and judging by the reviews, performance) would be of a little actress named Anne Hathaway. Maybe they didn't know who she is.

  3. Anne who? Did she ever work at the Hollywood Playhouse?