Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bill & Hap Kick it Up A Notch.

From the press release:
Florida theatre critics/arts writers Bill Hirschman of the Sun-Sentinel and Hap Erstein of Palm Beach Artspaper are kicking off a two-month experiment in the digital world of theater commentary with the acerbic, irreverent attitude that has nearly gotten them beaten up several times.

Beginning next week in the prime time slot of 2 p.m. Monday, we’ll host an hour-long weekly online radio/TV program called “Aisle Say” accessible from West Palm Beach to Wichita to West Hertfordshire at . Don’t let the appearance of the web site throw you. There will be a video simulcast, but it’s probably wise not to watch your sausage being made. The station may also archive the presentations.

We’re hoping it will be an amalgamation of “Siskel & Ebert” “Cain & Abel” and “Howard Stern & Isaac Stern.” We’re starting Monday by dissecting the Tonys, touting upcoming shows, recapping our recent reviews, responding to callers with the tact we’re known for and indulging in irreverent observations about local, state and national theater. Will this work? You’ll say.

Stop playing solitaire at work and tune in.

WRPB is an internet radio station that, until now, I'd never heard of. I'm listening to some fine tunes on their Music Mix. In the past few minutes I've heard blues, MoTown, and good jazz. There doesn't seem to be any "about us" section of the website. There's advertising scrolling across the page, but so far I haven't heard any commercials, per se.

This isn't the station's first foray into theatre reviews: they have archives going back to 2007. There's a slew of names listed as reviewers, and they all seem to be listed in the present tense. But some haven't posted in quite awhile. Not sure what the story is there.

Actually, I do: 2pm next Tuesday, we're in for a treat. That's the story.

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