Friday, June 5, 2009

Alliance Theatre Lab: Strange Snow (1review)

Alliance Theatre Lab opened Strange Snow at the Main Street Playhouse in Miami Lakes on May 28, 2009.
It is 5 am. on the first day of the fishing season and Megs is determined to get his buddy up, but David has a terrible hang over that is not entirely from last night's drinking. Megs and David served together in Vietnam, and David still blames himself for the death of their pal Bobby. David lives with his sister Martha, a high school teacher who is enjoying a budding romance with the delightful Megs. Together, they endeavor to convince David he has to get past the war and get on with life.
Adelberto Acevedo directed a cast that included Jennifer Toohey, Andy Jean-Gilles, and Cliff Burgess.

Christine Dole reviewed for the Miami Herald:
Artistic director Adalberto J. Acevedo, once a member of the Acme company, has relaunched Alliance after a long hiatus with a tender, stirring staging of Metcalfe's play.

At first, Jean-Gilles is so full of manic energy and forced laughter that Megs' designed-to-charm comments register as too frenetic. But when the mask cracks and the actor reveals the wounded soul beneath the buoyant banter, he becomes deeply affecting.

Toohey's Martha is heart-breaking, a woman whose controlled life breaks open to allow years of girlish romantic longing to surface. And Burgess, though playing the angriest and least sympathetic character, expertly digs down from David's benumbed surface to the man's broken heart.

Alliance Theatre Lab's production of Strange Snow ends June 14, 2009.

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