Monday, June 22, 2009

Mondays are Dark; June 22, 2009

Better late than never: here's you're dark day reading list:

Burying the Hatchet with Scalpers
Ticket scalping has been a problem plaguing the performing arts for generations; or has it? Over on The Producer's Perspective, we learn that the musical Jersey Boys has embraced "secondary market ticket providers," following overtures by the state of New York:
It kind of feels like that time when your Uncle Ernie . . . you know, the one no one talked about because no one was really sure what he did for a living . . . was finally invited over for Christmas dinner.

And it was good.

Because Uncle Ernie brought lots and lots of full-price-plus customers as presents.
It's not a bad point: if you're successful enough that people are scalping your tickets, count yourself lucky. Most of us are offering discounts to lure in patrons.

Quiet before the storm?
Conundrum Stages says it's having a 'quiet summer.' Or is it?

Speaking of Play Readings...
The Four Arts Society in Palm Beach is hosting a play-reading group starting Thursday, reports the Shiny Sheet:
The group will read four plays that were featured on Broadway last season: Equus by Peter Shaffer; Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward, Speed the Plow by David Mamet and Joe Turner's Come and Gone by August Wilson.
It's not staged reading: attendees will be invited to participate in the reading.

Aisle Say
I was finally able to tune in (work as interfered previously), although it was halfway through the show. I have to remember to program it into my Palm Pilot.

Anywho, Hap listed some former South Florida actors who are performing around the country and beyond. But he missed The Roses on the Rocks at the Manhattan Theatre Source, featuring Rachel Jones, through Saturday. She's pictured here with Scott Sowers.

They also talked about the fact that local theatres are light on drama in the summer, tending to turn to either Shakespeare, or musical comedies. That led them to Some Kind of Wonderful, the upcoming musical premiering at Florida Stage: Bill thought it was songs by original artists wrapped into the show, and Hap thought it was songs inspired by the original artists. According to the Florida Stage website:
"An incredible cast gives beautiful voice to the songs that you fell in love to..."
So Bill is right: the songs are the ones recorded by Sinatra, Streisand, Tony Bennett, The Beatles, The Temptations, The Supremes, Connie Francis, Wilson Pickett, The Four Seasons "and more."

I was actually speaking to cast member Irene Adjan last night; she was very excited about the show; particularly since actors don't often get to perform these songs in front of an audience outside of karaoke night.

Speaking of Summer Musicals...
Promethean Theatre is in the process of casting CANNIBAL! The Musical. It's an early work by Trey Parker of South Park fame. Oh, what's it about? It's a true story. It was originally produced as a feature film, originally titled Alferd Packer: The Musical.
"In the tradition of Friday the 13th Part II and Oklahoma!, comes the first intelligent film about cannibalism."
After watching the South Park movie, I commented that Parker should write a musical, I just didn't know that he already had.

Here's a taste, from the film version:

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