Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bill's Monthly Buzz

Bill Hirschman, who sees too little in print these days, does what's become his monthly wrap-up in the Sun-Sentinel.  It breaks down like this:

1. Changes at the Carbonell Awards Organization; Amy London was added to the board and elected president, and hired as a paid executive/fundraiser.  A very positive step for the organization.
Two longtime board members are stepping down; Jay Harris and Savannah Whaley will resign after the awards ceremony.  Les Feldman, who had served as board chairman, stepped down several months ago.  They've seen the Awards through some rough times; they are to be commended.  Two new board members have been added: Jody Horne-Leshinsky of the Broward Cultural Council, and Scott Schiller, of the Arsht Center.

2.  Good nods, and got robbed:  Bill also discusses some of the bold nominations, and the shows that should have been nominated and weren't.  The most glaring example of how the Carbonell Awards nominations process completely failed is the omission of the stellar work that was New Theatre's Glass Menagerie.

3. Looking Ahead:  the announced seasons of the three performing arts centers.

4. Looking Around: plays opening in the next few weeks.  Of course, we'll be listing them as they open right here, but it's worth seeing what Bill has to say.

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Dear ________
It was refreshing reading Bill Hirschman's recap of the local theatre scene in today's Sun-Sentinel.  Of course, a lot of theatre news has been missed because he's not writing a weekly recap, which means we must seek out other places for news when he's not writing for you.  Christine Dolen's reviews are also good, which is why we visit the Herald web site to read them.  It's always a let-down when we open the Sentinel and see reviews we've already read.  Please publish more reviews and theatre stories by Mr. Hirschman, so that you will have fresh and original content for us to read.
Thank you! 

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