Thursday, March 4, 2010

Watch Out, Fort Myers!

Just when you thought it was safe to audition, Gary Waldman and Jamison Troutman are returning to Florida. Seriously. I couldn't make shit like this up!

(click image to visit website)

If the page looks familiar, it's because they more or less uploaded their old 26th Street Theatre website. In fact, clicking on the Directions buttons brings up a map to their old Wilton Manors lair.

Something new: there is a statement at the bottom of the page that this is "A Division of Basiq Entertainment, Inc., Cornelius NC 20831." So in case you were wondering where they've been holed up, well, now you know.

Let me see, time to update the list of their failed ventures since 1999:
The Drama Center
Atlantis Theater
Wilton Manors Theatre
Florida Musicals, Inc
Rod & Gun Club
The Kaplan JCC
The Cuillo Center
Hollywood Playhouse
Imperial Palace Casino, Biloxi MS
Garden Street Theater
Sandy Gee III Productions
The 26th Street Theatre
Basiq Entertainment, Inc.
SW Florida Music Hall

It's impressive; they've closed more theatres in ten years than I've worked at in twenty-five.

Of course, the list of people they owe money to is MUCH longer. But hey, maybe they've turned over a new leaf, developed a viable business plan, and will make sure that everyone has a written contract.
flying pig


  1. Some 'balls'... A 'Hurricane' warning should be sent out to the nice folks in Ft. Myers to beware!!!

  2. As someone screwed over by them when Rod and Gun closed and promised restitution years and years ago, all I can say is that anyone who is foolish enough to work for them should prepare themselves to get a lot of rubber in their paychecks. I've never met two people better at lying straight to your face and making you feel bad for them while they do it. I highly recommend the Fort Myers population to stay away from this place ind roves. It'll suck your talent and leave you with a dirty used, feeling. Oh, and an empty bank account.

  3. as a worker on his most recent production, again this is all very true. NO LAST PAYCHECK FOR ME.