Sunday, October 3, 2010

Aaaaand - they're OFF!

The 24 Hour Theatre Project has begun!  Playwrights are now drawing the elements they must use to create their plays, and must toil overnight to hand the script to their director on Monday morning at 7am.  The directors will then work with their actors and production teams all day, with the curtain going up on the first play at 8pm Monday night.

Look over there to the right - that's how much time is left to get your tickets.  If it isn't sold out already.  And right below the countdown clock is a live feed from - Andie Arthur is live-tweeting the event from start to finish. 

You can purchase tickets here.  This year, the Theatre Scene will be attending the final result (the performances starting at 8PM on Monday), so we hope to see you at the Caldwell Theatre in Boca Raton!

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  1. The 24-Hour Theatre Project has begun!
    The groups have been chosen and the playwrights are feverishly writing.
    Here's the list as it stands:

    Andie Arthur is writing A Rebel's Guide to (Utter) Compliance
    ...directed by Hugh Murphy
    with Andy Quiroga, Patti Gardner, Lisa Manuli & David Dearstyne

    Michael McKeever is writing OMG...ROTFLMAO
    directed by Adalberto Acevedo
    with Adam Simpson, Carrie Santanna, Karen Stephens & Nancy Barnett

    David Sirois is writing Amputease
    directed by Des Gallant
    with Amy Miller Brennan, Shane Tanner, Mark Della Ventura & Sally Bondi

    Chris Demos Brown is writing A Storybook Funeral
    directed by Michael Leeds
    with Tracey Barrow-Schoenblatt, Terry Hardcastle, Lorenzo Gutierrez & Matthew William Chizever

    Juan C. Sanchez is writing Armed & Hammered
    directed by Amy London
    with Dave Corey, Jeffrey Bruce, Jackie Rivera & Clive Cholerton

    Andrew Rosendorf is writing Dinner with Dracula
    directed by Barbara Bradshaw
    with Lela Elam, Christopher A. Kent, Laura Hodos & Andrea Conte

    Tony Finstrom is writing Henry VIII's Mail Order Bride
    directed by Avi Hoffman
    with Julie Kleiner, Lindsey Forgey, Stephen G. Anthony & Amy McKenna

    Watch it Monday, October 4 @ 8pm.

    Get your tix for the Naked Stage's 24 Hour Theatre Project 2010 at the Count de Hoernle Theatre now at!!!