Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow Burn Theatre: The Rocky Horror Show (2 reviews)

Slow Burn Theatre Company opened its production of  The Rocky Horror Show on October 15, 2010,
Follow squeaky-clean sweethearts Brad and Janet on an adventure they’ll never forget, with the scandalous Frank’n’furter, rippling Rocky and vivacious Magenta. Get ready for a night of fun, frolics and frivolity in this thrilling production of Richard O’Brien’s classic original script! Bursting at the seams with timeless classics, including Sweet Transvestite, Damn It Janet and of course the pelvic thrusting Time warp, Rocky Horror is a non-stop party!! Complete with audience participation.
Patrick Fitzwater directed a cast that included Larry Buzzeo, Noah Levine, Alexa Capiello, Renata Eastlick, Rick Peña, Miguel Quintero, Anne Chamberlain, Clay Cartland, and Matthew Korinko.  Musical Direction by Phil Hinton, Scenery by Ian T. Almeida, lights by Lane Blank, sound by Traci Almeida, and costumes by Rick Peña.

Christine Dolen reviewed for The Miami Herald:
...Slow Burn Theatre Company is launching its second season at the West Boca Performing Arts Theatre with an out-there, impressively delivered Rocky Horror Show.
Under director-choreographer Patrick Fitzwater and musical director Phil Hinton, Slow Burn delivers a way-hot Rocky Horror, with strong work from designers Ian T. Almeida (sets), Traci Almeida (sound), Lance Blank (lighting) and the multitasking Peña (costumes). Buzzeo rules the roost as the magnetically shameless Frank, but Rocky Horror also features a breakout performance by Eastlick, who rocks out as Magenta and the scene-setting Usherette.
John LaRiviere reviewed for Talkin'
The Slow Burn Theatre sets the bar high in their latest production of Richard O'Brien's The Rocky Horror Show. This well done production... is sure to titillate timid theatergoers and thrill "Rocky" aficionados alike.
There are many things right with this production. The sound is crystal clear throughout. The live four-piece band, led by music director Phil Hinton, keeps the score under control without letting the guitar and percussion run over the singers. The sound levels between the singers and the band are also perfectly balanced. Not a line is missed. Patrick Fitzwater provides very clean direction, and more choreography than one would ever expect from this show. He makes full use of the dancing of three male and three female "Phantoms" in as many numbers as possible, adding a great deal to the show.
Larry Buzzeo is wonderful as Dr. Frank 'N' Furter. Those who have seen the film will note how strongly his performance is influenced by that of Tim Curry. While there are times when they are nearly identical, there are also enough times when we see just Buzzeo. He manages to somehow maintain a small degree of masculinity even in the makeup, bustier and heels. Alexa Cappiello (Janet) has a much better singing voice than most actresses cast in the role, and gets in all the vocal riffs in "Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me"...
Slow Burn managed to find a Rocky (Miguel Quintero) that actually looks every muscled-inch the part. What Quintero lacks in acting finesse is compensated for by the fact that he looks so much the part and has natural stage presence.
Other than Buzzeo as Frank 'N' Furter, the actor with the strongest stage presence in the cast is Renata Eastlick who plays both Magenta and the Usherette.
The Rocky Horror Show plays at Slow Burn Theatre through October 30, 2010.

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