Friday, October 1, 2010

Arts at St. Johns: Miami Beach, The Musical (reviews)

Miami Beach - The MusicalArts at St. John premiered Miami Beach the Musical, for one weekend; October 1 - 3, 2010.  The show was written by David Kingery and Dale Penn, lyrics by Doug Cureton, and music by Andrew Sargent and David Cohen.
...a cultural/historical happening about the colorful history of Miami Beach for the past 100+ years! The program culminates song, dance, and original music. The musical will feature local performers, personalities and songwriters.
David Kingery and Kevin Black directed a cast that included Mia Paloma, David Kingery, Annette Navarro, Eddie Valdes, Mimi Jimenez, Melvin Bolanos, Olivia Williamson, Roxanne Lamendola, and Devin Block.  Music direction by Chris Lobdell.

Roger Martin reviewed for
History? "Oh, no, boring, we've heard all this before." No, you haven't. Not this way. Not with this much good music.
Broadway veteran Mimi Jimenez as Frieda Genie drives this show with David D. Kingery as Juan Goldenbaum.
Most sing well and particularly moving are Olivia Williamson and Eddie Valdez in “When Leaving Home Is Not Your Choice.” Roxanne Lamendola wrings every laugh out of “The Colors Of This Paradise,” Mia Paloma is strong in “When You Know You're Right” and Olivia Williamson scores again with “Invest In The Sunshine,” while longtime soprano sax player Leo Casino teams with Mimi Jimenez in a joyful “Scandal.”
This is a corny but funny book into which just about every facet of life on Miami Beach, past and present, has been jammed. And that's the appeal of this likable show. You see the flaws and you ignore them. It's all too much fun.
Miami Beach the Musical plays through this Sunday, October 3, at Arts at St. John's.

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