Monday, October 17, 2011

Infinite Abyss: Mitzi's Abortion (reviews)

Infinite Abyss Productions opened Mitzi's Abortion at Empire Stage on October 14, 2011.
A Florida Premiere! With humor, intelligence and honesty, Mitzi's Abortion explores the questions that have shaped the national debate over abortion, and reminds us that whatever we may think we believe, some decisions are neither easy nor simple when they become ours to make. A generous and compassionate comedy with serious themes about a young woman trying to make an intensely personal decision in a system determined to make it a political one.
Jeff Holmes directed a cast that included Shelby Steel, David Tarryn-Grae, Kitt Marsh, Monica Garcia, Dominick Daniel, Phyllis Spear, Blaze Powers, and Ravi David Smitn.

Eileen Spiegler wrote for The Miami Herald:

Mitzi’s Abortion, an Infinite Abyss production at Empire Stage in Fort Lauderdale, powerfully lays to rest any notion that there are just two sides in the interminable battle, as well as the question of who is collateral damage, while raising many more.
Seattle playwright Elizabeth Heffron — and this wonderful cast — deserve credit for trying to serve up the proverbial “teachable moment” without didacticism.
When Mitzi’s doctor (Dominick Daniel, also doing a nice bit as her stepfather) has to deliver the worst news imaginable, a circle of imperfect but loving women are there with her, led by her gum-snapping, less than maternal mom Vera (Kitt Marsh, who is pitch perfect without descending into cliche).
But the play belongs to Steel’s sweetly uncertain, modestly striving and still hopeful Mitzi, a kind of blue-collar everywoman.
Once again, Infinite Abyss does a lot with a little set-wise, moving between living rooms, examination rooms and Mitzi’s job with a few spare pieces
Infinite Abyss Productions presents Mitzi's Abortion at Empire Stage through November 5, 2011.

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