Monday, October 31, 2011

Mondays are Dark

Happy Halloween! 
While Mondays are traditionally dark, Halloween is dark in a different way. You basically have two theatrical choices tonight; the Andrews Living Arts Studio production of The Rocky Horror Show, or a star-studded radio drama live on stage, War of the Worlds, presented by AirPlayz at the Caldwell Theatre.  Read about War of the Worlds on the South Florida Theatre Scene.

New Show
Zoetic Stage kicks off its season with Captiva, a new play by Christopher Demos Brown, and Miami Artzine talks with some of the creative team.

New Space
Palm Beach Dramaworks is getting ready to unveil its new digs at an old space; the former Cuillo Performing Arts Center, which was the former Burt Reynolds Institute Theater, which followed the Florida Repertory Theatre, which arose from the ashes of The  Stage Company, which turned a cinema into a legitimate theater that opened in November 1981.  Palm Beach ArtsPaper talks with artistic director Bill Hayes about the newly renovated space, while The Shiny Sheet talks to some patrons.  You can read up on the  history of 201 Clematis Street here.

The Dwindling Dozen
American Theatre Magazine's David Cote writes about the 12 most influential theatre critics in America.
...these 12 journalists made the cut for specific reasons: years on the beat, quality of writing, reach of their voice through syndication, and, lastly, understanding of the field. Another criterion is quite blunt: Many of them are "last man or woman standing" in their communities; after they retire or take a buyout, it's unclear if some blogger or junior critic will step up to fill the void.
The Miami Herald's Christine Dolen made the cut. She's not the oldest critic, but only one critic has been doing longer, and only just.  And he's ten years older.  Way to go, Christine!

It's A Problem Everywhere
Saving The World grumbles about the worst excuse for humans on the planet; theatre patrons.
...let’s all offer our congratulations to the adorable couple seated in seats E-23 and E-24. She stood in the aisle for ten minutes before the start of the show then took her seat as the overture began – those seats, of course, are right in the middle of the centre block, and so naturally she waited until everybody between those seats and the aisle had sat down, because otherwise there might have been someone in that row that she wouldn’t have been able to disturb. He took his seat 90 seconds into the overture, presumably to make absolutely sure that everybody had sat down after getting up to let his wife pass.
Deja Vu All over Again
Zev Buffman's back in Florida. Wait... didn't we just...? ....well, this time, Florida Theater On Stage tells us about it.

Tell Us All About It
The Z-Spot as audio clips discussing each of Zoetic Stage's upcoming plays.  Technically, not reading.  Well, maybe they're reading, from a script.  Whatever.

Let Me Count The Ways.
Theatre Washington has a list of ways theatre makes our lives better.

South Florida Represents
The Alliance Theatre Lab reports that two of its company members did well at The Harvest One Act Play Festival in New York. Mark Della Ventura, who's been making a name for himself on South Florida stages, was awarded Best Actor.  Congratulations!

Huddle Up!
Mosaic Theatre announces a series of celebrity talk-backs schedule in conjunction with their upcoming production of LombardiFlorida Theater On Stage also covers the story:

But there are talk backs and there are talk backs.  Mosaic Theatre in Plantation has scheduled a slew of talk backs for its upcoming show Lombardi featuring interaction with sports figures, sports journalists, one of Lombardi’s daughters and the television actor who played the title role during the drama’s New York run.
Going Once, Going Twice...

The Palm Beach Daily News reports that Florida Stage has finally gone to bankruptcy court, or at least, its CEO has.  The defunct theater's property goes on the auction block on November 13.

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