Monday, October 10, 2011

Mondays are Dark

24 Hour Theatre Project
We didn't make it to the event this year (darn schedule!) but Florida Theater On Stage and The Drama Queen both made it, and offer their views on it.

Speaking of Critics

Drama Daily comments on an article in The Guardian; theatre needs critics just as much as critics need theaters.

Pride Series Premieres at Broward
The Sun-Sentinel talks with the cast of Jon & Juan's Wedding, the kick-off show for Broward Center's new Pride Series.  If  you're thinking that this sounds like Tony & Tina's Wedding, except they're gay, you'd be right.


The Miami Herald on the Arsht Center/ University of Miami team-up, and so does Florida Theater On Stage.  Every theatre in Miami-Dade County has approached UM over the years, but the Arsht is probably the first group that wasn't trying to secure a new line of revenue as part of the deal.

Speaking of Collaboration
The Z Spot shows how Zoetic is taking collaboration to a new level for local regional theatre.

Talkin' With
Florida Theater On Stage interviews Ken "Cast Ken" Clement. 

Peeking Peering
Miami Artzine looks back on the season just past, and at the coming season.
If there's one thing I like better than a bacon fat sandwich on French bread, heavy on the salt and pepper, it's good theatre and I had a great big mouthful of that last season.   And what about this coming year's offerings?  Will they be as good?   I've got a feeling they'll be even better, especially if Mosaic's terrific opener, Side Effects, (just concluding its run) is any criterion of what's on the way.  
A Thrill at Rising Action
The Miracle Theatre Examiner tells us about the next production at Rising Action Theatre.

... in Coconut Grove, the Miami Herald reports that the Playhouse is still closed. But the board of directors did finally do something.
Following lengthy but unsuccessful negotiations to try to resolve debt that has kept the Coconut Grove Playhouse closed since 2006, the theater’s board has voted to transfer the property, encumbrances and all, to Miami-Dade County.
"Encumbrances" means "debt," of course.
GableStage artistic director Joseph Adler, whose board has a memorandum of understanding with the playhouse board spelling out GableStage’s operation of a future smaller theater on the site, remains upbeat about his company’s future in Coconut Grove.

“Anything can happen, we know that. But I’m optimistic. I think we’re moving closer,” he said.

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