Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Stage Door: A Little Night Music (2 reviews)

Broward Stage Door Theatre opened its production of Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music on April 17.

Michael Leeds directs a cast that includes Shane R. Tanner, Mark A. Harmon, Miki Edelman, Kimberly Xavier Martins, and Lauren Gire. Musical Direction is by Phil Hinton.

Bill Hirschman reviewed for the Sun-Sentinel:
We are in adults' territory here, and the Broward Stage Door Theatre's surprisingly solid production of Stephen Sondheim's A Little Night Music, is a treat to exhilarate the mind and thrill the emotions of audiences yearning for more than Hello, Dolly!
You can wish that Stage Door had a bigger budget to take everything up a notch. Even with a 15-member cast, a sweeping set and a room full of period costumes, there is a whiff of financial restraint. But you will not be disappointed if you invest a little of your own imagination.
The corps of strong singers is equally fine as actors including the ever-reliable Shane R. Tanner as a vain adulterous soldier, Mark A. Harmon as a lawyer in the throes of a middle-aged crisis, Miki Edelman as the sage courtesan turned wealthy doyenne, and Lauren Gire as the lusty maid with the legendary song The Miller's Son. They have mastered Sondheim's devilishly difficult melodies and tongue-twisting lyrics with targeted pitch, precise timing and crystalline enunciation.
Nowhere does this singing and acting coalesce better than in Kimberly Xavier Martins' performance of Send in the Clowns. Martins simply nails the piece by never succumbing to a hint of its status as a pop music icon, but instead imbuing the song with a heart-wrenching rue that even entails speaking lyrics rather than singing every note.
John La Riviere reviewed for Talkin' Broadway:
A Little Night Music is infrequently done because of its difficult singing and a theme that speaks to more mature audiences. The beautifully performed production at the Stage Door Theatre is a rare chance to see the show that should not be missed.
A Little Night Music plays at the Stage Door Theatre through May 24th, 2009.

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