Friday, April 17, 2009

No Laughing Matter at Laughing Matterz - or is it?

Laughing Matterz, the club serving up sketch comedy and dinner, is giving its final performances this weekend.

From their website:

We will have our regular 4:30 dinner seating in addition to an 8:00pm Show Only. Show only ticktes are $31 including tax. Dinner will not be served at this seating, but limited appetizers and desserts will be available. Help us finish all the food and the spirits. Great deals on Laffing Matterz Tee shirts and CDs too.

Laughing Matterz has been home to a number of South Florida's comic actors, providing that steady gig between roles at area theatres. And I beleive it's the last dinner theater in South Florida (Is Musicana still around? Should they count if they are?)

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