Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sightings: Marc Kudisch

I'm old enough to remember the Theatre Scene before Marc Kudisch. 20 years ago, he was an FAU theatre student my girlfriend had a crush on. He was appearing on local stages even before he graduated college, and he's gone on to have a very successful Broadway career. He's currently starring in 9 to 5, the musical scored by Dolly Parton based on the movie of the same name. He plays the role created by Dabney Coleman.

He's interviewed by Matthew Gurewtsch for this week's edition of Time Out New York. And Gurewtsch asks if Kudisch is Broadway's 'last leading man:'
He's built like Paul Bunyan, with the square jaw and bedroom eyes for guest shots on Sex and the City and As the World Turns. And with that dark, gleaming baritone, he could have cut it in opera, had he so chosen. He's a regular on the Town Hall series Broadway Unplugged, dedicated to the human voice au naturel. Some performers would think they were doing their job just by showing off such gifts. Kudisch thinks of them as means to an end.
Hey! I just remembered that I hated Marc Kudisch! No one could be as good looking, as talented, and as...perfect... as every female out of the FAU theatre department described him to be.
"There are different kinds of ego in this business," Kudisch muses. "You can't have a career without one. I have a big fat ego. I don't give a shit what anybody says about me. My ego is in telling the story. I'm willing to get my ass kicked... I don't care if it's fluff. Do it with honesty and specificity"
But one has to admit that he's got the chops, and he always has. Besides, I got what's-her-name, and all he got was a magnificent career doing Broadway musicals.

Wait. I still hate him.


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