Sunday, April 19, 2009

While you were sleeping...

..I've been tinkering. As the old Theatre Scene expanded, I felt it was becoming harder and harder to find things on it. I've been looking at new templates for awhile, and I finally found one that I liked, and that I thought I could tailor to suit my needs.

Everything that was in the old Scene is here in the new one; although there have been some format changes. For example, theatre blogs are now all in one widget instead of each having their own separate news feed widget. The most recently updated blog will appear on top.

The Miami Herald still has its own RSS feed of theatre stories; it's the only media outlet that currently has an RSS feed for theatre stories. When and if other sources add RSS feeds for South Florida theatre stories, I will give them their own feed. In the meantime, those other media outlets have the same links they did before.

The "Contact" widget has been moved to the bottom of the page, as has the list of professional organizations. They just seemed to fit there so nicely.

You'll also find a nifty new menubar at the top of the page: this will jump you to The Scene, the reviews, the Auditions and Job Listings pages.

I expect that there will be some growing pains: perhaps there are better locations for some things, or I can tweak things to make them eaiser to read. Feedback is important: please leave me comments telling me what does and doesn't work; are things in a sensible order? Are the fonts difficult to read? Do you like the link colors? Let me know: if you can't read the blog, or find what you're looking for, I need to know so I can fix it.

I do know that some older articles will be kind of jostled by the narrower central column, so some older storied might need graphics adjusted. I will be working on the more recent article first, and I probably won't do the much older versions unless I'm asked.

So please bear with me as I iron out the kinks, and do let me know how you like it. I really do want your input and suggestions.

Thank you for reading!

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