Monday, November 7, 2011

Didn't See THIS One Coming

Florida Theater On Stage breaks the story that Costume World, which has bought up most of its major competitors over the last decade, as just added The Stage Door Theatre to its list of  acquisitions.
The new owners will continue the rest of the season as planned, honor all subscriptions, keep all the actors and directors already hired, and plan to pay off  all debts between three and six months, said Costume World founder and CEO Marilynn Wick.

But the firm plans to overhaul the operation when its goes dark this summer, including major renovations to the former movie house and rethinking how to make the struggling company profitable, including re-examining its fare.
The building could certainly use an overhaul.  But what about David and Dee?
Stage Door’s founders and owners, Derelle Bunn and David Torres will invest their time in the fledgling Miami Stage Door operation that they opened this season at the Byron Carlyle Theater in Miami Beach.
“I love the theater in Miami Beach and it’s a better deal for me because it has grant support and is supported by the city.” In fact, the city has been pressing Bunn to concentrate her energies on the new venture, she said.
So, there you go.

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