Monday, November 14, 2011

Mondays are Dark

It's not quite dark on The Scene today - there's a play reading at Rising Action Theatre at 7:30 pm tonight. It's broken up my poker game this week, so everyone should go see what Michael Leeds has wrought with his play Who Killed Joan Crawford?  It'll be entertaining, if only to see what Ken Clement will find in it.

Last week, the Silver Palm Awards were announced.  This week, the Remy Awards were announced, and one goes to the Theatre Scene, or to me, anyway.  The other to the beloved and lovely Meredith Lasher.  From Florida Theater On Stage:
The South Florida Theatre League has revealed who will receive its coveted Remy Awards next month: Christopher Jahn and Meredith Lasher.

The award recognizes Jahn’s continuing work compiling, evaluating and fighting for arts coverage on the South Florida Theatre Scene blog.
I can think of at least one New Times writer who will be less than enthused.

The same article has a reminder about the Carbonell Awards:

The Carbonell Awards program is more than just a way to recognize excellence in local theater; revenue from the annual awards ceremony funds three scholarships for high school students from the tri-county area who plan to study theater or journalism in a university setting.
...and More Awards
BroadwayWorld apparently has an awards thingy, too.  But this one's more of a popularity contest, like the New Times awards.  Here's the link to the Florida Awards.  Vote early, vote often, and vote South Florida.  And get your friends to vote. Or 'borrow' your co-workers' email addresses to vote.

And while you're at it, Wayne LeGette has been nominated for L.A.'s Best Featured Actor in a Musical (touring). Abuse the system, and show those L.A. pukes that South Florida can win any election for anybody anywhere.  Democracy Inaction!  Or something.

...and Speaking of Carbonell...
As we noted yesterday, beloved sculptor Manuel Carbonell, Cuba's last master sculptor and the man for whom the Carbonell Awards were named, has passed.  The Drama Queen offers a fine obituary, which she expanded for the general readership of The Miami Herald.  From the latter:

Though he was steeped in the worlds of sculpture and visual arts, the elegant Carbonell got involved with South Florida’s theater community in 1975 at the behest of his friend, the late Miami News theater critic and arts writer Bill Von Maurer. The South Florida Critics’ Circle had begun honoring the best work in theater from each season, and Von Maurer asked Carbonell if he would consider designing an award statue. Carbonell took the idea, shaped the circle into a graceful egg, and the awards were rechristened the Carbonells in his honor.
Michael McKeever, a playwright and actor who is also a visual artist, has won three best new work Carbonells, for The Garden of Hannah List in 1998, Running with Scissors in 2004 (both at Florida Stage) and Melt at New Theatre in 2008. Though the award sculptures were replaced by plaques in 2008, McKeever says he and everyone else who owns a bronze Carbonell Award treasures having their work honored with a piece of art.
“The beauty of the award was the specific and unique shape, design and weight of the trophy,” he says. “Because it was artwork, it made the award more special. The Carbonell logo even now is based on that sculpture.”
Life in a Cabaret
If you missed Avery Sommers wowing the crowd in the Actors' Playhouse production of Hairspray, BroadwayWorld reports that you can catch her cabaret act at The Colony Hotel in toney Palm Beach.

Got a Website?
Butts in Seats says there are some new standards out there that you should look at.

Embrace the Internet
Meanwhile, The Artful Manager speculates about taking advantage of the new mobile phone technology - IN YOUR THEATER.
Every poster in the lobby could have a bar code that triggers promotional content, videos, and program notes (for that matter, every printed ticket could too). Printed programs could offer the same access to purchase tickets to future events, or add-ons to the current event (VIP meet-the-artist events after the show, for example). A mobile app could start and finish the purchase, and the mobile screen could serve as the ticket to be scanned. And on and on.
On the Horizon
BroadwayWorld on Disney's Beauty and the Beast, opening Tuesday at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.
The Sun-Sentinel on Disney's Beauty and the Beast; includes "four fun facts."

The Examiner on Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, opening at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in a couple of weeks.  Something to consider; Actors' Playhouse opens its production of Joseph later this year; check them both out, to gain a fuller understanding of how live theatre is different from movies or TV.  And you can do the same thing with RED, playing now at GableStage, and Jupiter's production later this season.

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