Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Off Stage Conversations

Hello everyone. It's Andie Arthur, executive director of the South Florida Theatre League, with Off Stage Conversations, where I note articles and topics of interest in the national and international theatre scene.

Responding to Newtown

Linda Essig writes on how the arts can respond to tragedy. She writes, "The arts have a unique capacity – and now, I think, a duty – to build that culture of love and empathy." What theatre can we create that can help build bridges and change the world?

Jason Loewith (the executive director of the National New Play Network) has a particular programming suggestion and says "if we believe our art changes lives, we must act accordingly, swiftly and decisively, and put on plays that respond to this national tragedy."

Niche is Good

Lee Liebeskind of 2amtheatre writes about how we as theatre artists can better engage with our audiences by narrowing who we target. Instead of trying to reach everyone, isn't it better to reach a particular someone? He also makes very valid points on larger institutions mentoring smaller institutions and the use of social media.


David J. Loehr writes on the importance of listening for TheatreFace.

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