Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Off Stage Conversations

Hello, this is Andie Arthur and I'm here with Off Stage Conversations, where I take a look at what's being discussed in the national and international theatre community.

The Future of Online Arts Journalism

Chris Jones of the Chicago Tribune has a piece on why he feels that artists creating their own journalism should not be the future of criticism. Barry Johnson responds on why it should have a place within the current infrastructure of criticism.

Raising Capital for Artists

Issac Butler takes an in depth look at The Flea in NYC and how it's supported a new building while retaining a company of unpaid actors. Compensation is a tricky proposition in the arts as there is an expectation that because we're doing what we love, we don't deserve to get paid or paid much. But even if you're doing a job that you love, it is still a job and you still need to pay rent. There's a lot to unpack here in the culture of unpaid work, donor needs and professional expectations.

Don't Do This

Terrible Press Photos from the American Theatre -- a tumblr of some really bad press photos. A lot of good lessons here in what not to do (and a little bit of schadenfreude).

An Interview With Devon Smith

Devon Smith is one of the foremost thinkers in the current state of arts advocacy and marketing. She's asked a lot of fascinating questions, from 3D printing to implementing criteria in a 990 that forces organizations to prove their effectiveness.

Trade A Play Tuesday

Playwright Donna Hoke starts a Ten Minute Play Exchange -- where a playwright can get their own ten minute play looked at, if they agree to look at someone else's play. If I had not been swamped in grant applications, I would have jumped on this yesterday. However, there's always next Tuesday.

The Times are a'Changin'

Philadelphia area theatres experiment with different curtain times, including a 6:30 show.

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